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The Mayan Train sets a date for the end of the year 2023

Of course! The Mayan Train is an exciting infrastructure project in Mexico that aims to connect various states in the Yucatan Peninsula. It is designed to promote tourism, boost economic development, and provide better transportation options for both locals and tourists.

The train will cover approximately 930 miles and will have various routes connecting cities and archaeological sites such as Cancun, Tulum, Playa del Carmen, Palenque, and Merida, among others. This will make it easier for people to explore these beautiful destinations and learn more about the rich cultural heritage of the Mayan civilization.  Living in Cozumel makes it easy to jump on the train by simply taking a passenger ferry to the mainland adding about 40 minutes to the already fun trip.

The 21 train stations (estaciones) and 14 bus stops (paraderos) along the 1,554 kilometer route will be distributed in Section 1: Stations (Palenque, Boca del Cerro, El Triunfo) and bus stations (Tenosique, Candelaria). Section 2: Stations (Escárcega, Edzná, San Francisco de Campeche) and stop (Carrillo Puerto). Section 3: Stations (Mérida, Teya, Izamal) and stop (Mexcanú, Tixkokob).  I can hardly wait!

The project also emphasizes sustainable and environmentally friendly practices, aiming to minimize the impact on the surrounding ecosystems and preserve the region’s natural beauty. The train is expected to include modern amenities, comfortable seating, and possibly even entertainment options, ensuring a pleasant travel experience for passengers.

The prices for the train due to be in service range from 2.32 pesos per kilometer to 4.90 pesos per kilometer.

For me Cindy Trautwein living a vacation everyday will be first in line to ride this train over 40 cities and 181 towns such a great way to see the interior of Mexico 

Overall, the Mayan Train is an exciting development that will improve connectivity and accessibility in the Yucatan Peninsula, while showcasing the region’s historical and natural treasures.

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