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More tips & tricks of safely using an atm machine in Cozumel Mexico

Here’s how to use an ATM in Mexico:

**Before you go:**

* **Inform your bank:**  Let your bank know you’ll be using your card abroad to avoid any issues.

* **Check fees:**  There might be foreign transaction fees from both your bank and the ATM provider.

**At the ATM:**

1. **Find a secure ATM:** Look for ATMs at well-lit locations, preferably inside bank branches. Avoid dimly lit or isolated ATMs.

2. **Select your language:**  Most ATMs in tourist areas will have English as an option.

3. **Insert your card:**  Follow the on-screen instructions, which will likely be in English as well.

4. **Enter your PIN:** Be discreet while entering your PIN and shield the keypad with your hand.

5. **Withdrawal amount:**  Select the amount you want to withdraw in pesos. Be mindful of daily withdrawal limits.

6. **Conversion rate:** The ATM might offer a conversion rate to your home currency.  **Decline this conversion.** It’s usually less favorable than the rate your bank uses.

7. **Confirm transaction:**  Review the details on the screen and confirm the withdrawal.

8. **Collect your cash and card:** Once you receive your pesos, take your card and receipt.

**Safety tips:**

* Don’t use ATMs at night if possible.

* Be aware of your surroundings while using the ATM.

* Don’t accept help from strangers, especially with your PIN.

* If you suspect a card skimmer (a device attached to steal card information), don’t use the ATM and report it to the bank.

**Additional tip:**  Consider letting your bank know the specific dates you’ll be in Mexico to avoid them freezing your card for suspicious activity.


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ATM Safety and decline conversion!
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