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1. It is acceptable to eat tacos for any meal but only certain kinds of tacos may be eaten for certain meals. 

2. Seafood tacos can only be eaten at lunch time. 

3. Tacos al pastor are only for dinner time. 

4. If you want tacos for breakfast the only acceptable options are tacos de canasta or tacos de guisos. Unless it’s the weekend, then barbacoa and birria tacos are also allowed. 

5. Tacos de canasta may not be eaten at dinner time. 

6. Tacos de guisos can be for any meal of the day. 

7. Tacos de bistec, suadero, chorizo, lengua, and tripa are only for dinner. 

8. A taco with cheese is no longer a taco. 

9. A quesadilla without cheese is a taco. Unless you’re from CDMX, then you can call it a quesadilla, but the rest of us know you’re wrong. 

10. Tacos de carnitas can’t be eaten for dinner.

11. Hard shell tacos don’t exist. They’re called tostadas and they’re flat.

12. The use of yellow lemons 🍋 on tacos is strictly forbidden.

13. Tacos must be eaten using only your hands, no matter how greasy they are.

14. It is forbidden to put sour cream, cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes on tacos. Those toppings are reserved for tostadas.

15. Tortillas are not reversible. They have a top side and a bottom side. The meat must be placed on the correct side.

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